Moving in silence: Birmingham, Alabama rapper AnteezyDaVinci is rapidly rising to fame in the southeast.

Lyric Jones, February 9, 2023

AnteezyDaVinci is a rapper from Birmingham, Alabama. His sound can be defined as a reverence to southern gangster rap but his flow distinctly different from most with loaded metaphors, catchy word plays and infectious one liners. Combined with his rapid deliver & exceptional storytelling ability, DaVinci is in a class of his own. The versatility he displays as he collab with varies artist from different genres proves he is an incredibly talented artist.

Unlike most artist from Alabama, DaVinci’s laid back character & humble mannerism is a huge contributor to his rapid rise on the rap scene. He embodies wit and style and is an expert at putting words together in a way that is just unbelievable. Countless hours of perfecting his craft has elevated him to a level where he no longer writes lyrics down, he just raps from the heart, straight off the top on things he has personally experience.

AnteezyDaVinci describes himself as a melodic rapper. He has released five projects and eleven singles in the past 4 years and with each project the sound gets greater. Check out his music on all streaming platforms & social media sites at AnteezyDaVinci. Check out AnteezyDaVinci' s clothing line StreetSense & his official artist website by clicking the buttons below.