Catch a Vibe: Cee Tha Gxdd in a league of her own.

Lyric Jones, February 9, 2023

Cee Tha Gxdd, born and raised in Birmingham; Alabama is an aspiring music artist. Renownedly known for her popular hits like “Have You Like” and “Love Sacrifices,” she is defiantly in a league of her own. Her flow and style, a sort of a laid-back cross between hip hop and r&b, oscillates between singing and rapping. Cee Tha Gxdd has a beautiful sound and is highly respected by fellow artists and listeners because of her diversity in music. You can listen to other artists and instantly tell their category of music. However, Cee Tha Gxdd represents a different sound, which is not so easily duplicated and is more complex and versatile. Her voice is incredibly unique and her style in music is like no other. From a listener’s perspective, it is almost undeniable that her music sets a vibe. Not only does she have a “vibey” aesthetic, but her lyrics are so relatable, that is how she connects with her listeners. Check out her music on all streaming platforms. Follow her on all social media platforms @ CeeThaGxdd.