Joe Barz: It's Self-Explanatory. 

Lyric Jones, February 20, 2023

Joe Barz CEO of Barz Entertainment, is an underground music mogul currently residing in Bessemer, Alabama. Born & raised in Hueytown, the former Murc Camp member has a solid fifteen years in the music industry. He has a strong portfolio of underground hits and astonishing live performances. As of 2021 Barz has seamlessly combined his creative business and music outlook to promote unity and exposure to other upcoming artists. 

Widely known as one of the hardest working artists in the state, music has become a lifestyle for Barz. Surrounded by his chosen family there is no sleeping, for the independent artist and businessman. It is rare to find an individual like Joe. You remember back in the eighties and early ninety’s when you would see the dope boys out and everyone looked like the plug? There was no one trying to outshine the other. Well, that’s Joe, unity and exposure is his passion. Standing on his own principles, he is currently using his platform to help other artists progress in the industry. He is a needle in a haystack, talented and solid. 

Check out his music on all streaming platforms. Follow him on Facebook @Joe Barz, Instagram: Joe Barz MCM & Twitter: @murccampjoebarz. For Booking info contact him on Twitter: @murccampjoebarz